Montreal To Get An "Urban Maze" Near Lionel Metro Station On St-Jacques Street

A\Maze: Montreal Escape Game is coming.
Montreal To Get An "Urban Maze" Near Lionel Metro Station On St-Jacques Street

Photo cred - A\Maze: Montreal Escape Game

Back in the day, in the infancy of the internet, "escape the room" games were all the rage, a trend that still persists today. Find a clue, get a key, solve a puzzle, the formula and goal were always the same, yet there was so much fun and satisfaction to be had in solving the puzzle and escaping the random room you found yourself in. The game will take a step from the virtual to real world in December,with A/Maze a real-world computer escape game to be set up by Lionel-Groulx metro.

A/Maze will function just like the escape games you loved (or still love) to play, with three different scenarios set up: during a prison break, inside a lost temple, and trapped in a mad scientist's laboratory, with each having a different plot and goals. Once you make your choice, you and your team will only have 45 minutes to work your way through the various challenges and escape the room, if you can.

The first Real Escape Game was created way back in 2007, and since then has taken the world by storm. Tens of thousands of people play every year all around the world, and come this winter, Montrealers will get a chance to try out the challenge only 3% of people actually beat.

A/Maze is set to ensnare Montrealers in late-December and will be located right by Lionel-Groulx metro (map). Construction is already underway in making A/Maze a unique Montreal experience, and you can help make sure the city's real-life room escape is among the best in the world by funding the project on Kickstarter.

Find out more about A/Maze by heading over to the Montreal real escape game's Facebook page, website, and kickstarter campaign page. And remember come December: always look under the rug or in the garbage can, you're bound to find a key or clue at one of those spots, no matter the room.


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