Montreal To Get Bilingual Metro Station Voice

English and French over the intercom.
Montreal To Get Bilingual Metro Station Voice

Emergency messages over the intercom inside of the STM metro network could be delivered in English and French, if mayoral hopeful Valérie Plante is elected as Montreal’s municipal leader. 

Plante made the suggestion at yesterday’s English-language mayoral debate.

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During emergencies, said Plante “there should be messages in more languages,” reports Radio-Canada

When asked to clarify, Plante specified that English and French should be used to alert metro-users of emergency happenings. 

On the same topic, Plante also promised increased bilingualism in Montreal boroughs. More services for citizens will be offered in either English or French, depending on the neighbourhood and the individual’s language preference. 

A lot more was discussed during last night’s debate, with Denis Coderre and Valérie Plante vocalizing their vision for Montreal, usually in stark contrast to their opponent’s conception. 

For example, Plante brought up the benefits of building a new Pink Link metro. Coderre, on the other hand, called the Pink Line plan “magical thinking.”

Plante launched back against Coderre, criticizing the current administration’s pit bull ban. An alternative, animal-ownership plan was alluded to by Plante. 

Responding, Coderre said the pit bull ban was based on public safety and then went on to call the SPCA “a lobby.” As an organization that works for the city, the SPCA is definitely not a lobby, which Plante pointed out. 

Several other topics of contention were brought up, like the 375 celebrations, Formula E, and, because it really can’t be ignored right now, Bill 62, Quebec’s face-veil ban. 

Both candidates denounced Bill 62, but they still didn’t see eye-to-eye. Coderre called Plante out, saying she went back-and-forth on her stance on Bill 62. 

Things got awkward when Plante tried to find some common ground with Coderre, suggesting the two should work together to dismantle the ban, which Coderre didn’t spring for.

To watch the English-language mayoral debate in full, Global has a recording here. And for more of an analysis on the debate, CBC and Radio-Canada has you covered. 

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