Montreal To Get Google Driver-less Cars?

A revolutionary new patent from the internet giant.
Montreal To Get Google Driver-less Cars?

Impulse buying just became much more dangerous, thanks to a newly released patent from Google. The internet mega-company may soon be providing direct transportation to stores featured on Google advertisements. No, it's not through instant teleportation, but self-driving cars is pretty damn close.

A new kind of 'get me there' button will be appearing on ads seen by you, with Google actually taking you directly to the store via a driver-less taxi service. Certain factors will come into place, like distance from the store, which product you happened to click on, how much the retailer is willing to pitch in, etc.  which may limit options. Still, you can literally see something online and be whisked away to the store, all on Google's dime.

Online shopping will be a whole new ball game when this is introduced. You won't have to think "Will this look good on me?" because you straight up have the option of going in the store and trying it on, free of charge. Watch your wallets.

A lot of specifics still have to be worked out, as the service will probably be different depending on the city it is in. Will Montreal let Google take customers to stores around the city? Will you get in a robot-driven car? I guess we'll find out.

What do you think of Google's new patent?

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