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Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre Promises More Free STM Weekends

In Montreal, up until recently, pretty much the only time when you could enjoy free public transportation was on the night of Montreal en Lumieres. 

However this year, to celebrate Montreal's 375th anniversary, we got an entire free STM weekend so that people could enjoy all the activities the city had to offer. Then during Fomula E, we got another one. 

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And now, mayor Denis Coderre is promising that if he gets elected he will make sure to give Montrealers more free STM weekends throughout the year!

The mayor didn't mention which events he would add to the list, but he did say he wanted a minimum of 4 free weekends. 

He also thinks that students aren't the only ones who should get a reduced fare, STM rates should be based on your level of income. 

What do you think about all this? Is it enough, or will he have to step it up?


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