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Montreal To Get Nutella Bars?

The very best spread you can put on bread... And many other things.
Montreal To Get Nutella Bars?

Today marks the opening of New York City's first official Nutella Bar, a new extension of Italian resto Eataly. The Chicago branch of Eataly already opened their own Nutella Bar last fall, and all this talk of Nutella got us to thinking: why doesn't Montreal have its own Nutella bar?

Montreal is already smitten with Nutella (what creperie doesn't offer a Nutella flavour?) so the market is definitely there. All that we need are some restos with enough initiative to profit off of the spreadable hazelnut-chocolate-flavoured gold that is Nutella.

Here are our suggestions for Montreal's Nutella Bars.


No one does waffles as well as Engaufrez-vous, and the already-huge waffle menu could definitely be added to with some Nutella-focused offerings. Like any good waffle house, Nutella is already on the menu, but more as a topping than a main ingredient. Nutella-batter waffles topped with fresh fruit, whipped cream, and more Nutella (of course) could be one of many waffle-tastic dishes.

L'Gros Luxe

Don't think Nutella can only be used for sweet dishes, because the sinfully awesome spread can lend over the side of savory. How does a Nutella-grilled cheese sound? Awesome, I know. Montreal's newest bar-eatery L'Gros Luxe, who, as we all know, specializes in delectable grilled cheeses, would be the perfect spot to add a Nutella-themed menu, Nutella Grilled Cheese being the star, of course.

Le Cheese

Speaking of cheese and Nutella, Montreal's premiere cheese-based food truck, Le Cheese, could (and should) do so many things to their menu with Nutella. Like we said, a Nutella grilled cheese, but Le Cheese has a better handle on the sweet side of cheese that would lend even better to Nutella. A dessert mac & cheese smothered in a melty Nutella sauce, or a deep-fried Nutella cheesecake are two of many an idea.


Starbucks aficionados will be familiar with the "secret" menu offering that is the "Nutella Latte." Kitsuné, one of Montreal's best third-wave coffee shops, could take the concept of Nutella and coffee to new heights. A Nutella-focused drink menu would be magnificent, just think how well the natural creamy and bitterness of espresso would lend to the rich, chocolaty-sweetness of Nutella. Morning coffees would never be the same.

Tim Hortons

Jumping off from Nutella and coffee, Tim Hortons seems like an incredibly logical choice for a potential Nutella Bar. I'm surprised the coffee mega-chain hasn't already jumped on the Nutella-bandwagon. Not only do they have coffee and Nutella drinks to make, they could also incorporate Nutella into all of their donuts. Fill up Boston creams, crullers, croissants and timbits with Nutella and there's a menu right there. Tim Hortons is already closing down all of their Cold Stone counters, and full-on Nutella bars should be the replacement. At least Nutella-timbits please.

Where should Montreal's Nutella Bars be?

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