Montreal To Get Police Drones?

The kinds of technology we don't want.
Montreal To Get Police Drones?

Concept images for ticket drones in the city of Montreal have been released.

If these robots roll (or float) out, you won't be able to charm or persuade your way out of a ticket, as emotionless machines will be making sure you follow all of the city's strange parking rules.

Will this be good or bad for the city? Either way, we've got a ways to go, because this artistic representation of the future of Montreal's meter maids doesn't come from the city or any municipal office.

Sorry to fool ya a bit, but this is actually just the work of Montreal artist Nicolas Francoeur.

Incredibly imaginiative, Francoeur's work is heavily influenced by fantasy and science fiction, hence the MTL ticket drone.

Check out more of Francoeur's work here.

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