Montreal To Get Swimming Pool On Mont-Royal

A hidden gem may get a new life.
Montreal To Get Swimming Pool On Mont-Royal

When the pool behing the Royal Victoria Hospital closed in 2014, Montrealers were bereft. 

Close to Mount Royal and accessible to oh-so-many Montrealers, the pool-and-patio combo was something of a “secret,” but a fairly widespread one. 

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And if you happened to know about the pool, like many did, the oft-described “hidden gem” provided a somewhat secluded space to cool off in the warmer months. 

The beloved pool, like already said, has been closed for about three years now, with no real news about it re-opening. 

That is until yesterday, when a mayoral candidate committed to installing a swimming pool at the former Royal Victoria Hospital site. 

Projet Montreal’s Valerie Plante said, if elected mayor, she will try to create a family-focused park and municipal swimming pool, reports TVA

The proposed site is at McTavish and Des Pins, right on Mount Royal, where the pool has been left vacant since 2014. 

Plante wants to make the site a recreational complex for folks living in Ville-Marie, since there aren’t many other options in the area. 

Not that all other Montrealers won’t benefit. Having a pool literally on Mount Royal just seems so… right, you know?

Actually getting the park-and-pool is contingent on Plante being elected, and even then, the mayoral hopeful would need to go about a lengthy beuqacratic process to have the initiative officially approved. 

Until then, we’ll just have to dream. Summer is a ways away, anyway.