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Montreal To Have "Mild Winters" From Now On

Goodbye snowstorms.
Montreal To Have "Mild Winters" From Now On

Climate change is far from a happy phenomenon. As the world continues to heat up, environments are changing and the weather is becoming increasingly erratic, causing major issues or animals and humans alike. 

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But there is something of a silver lining, at least for Montreal, when it comes to climate change:

Winters are going to get warmer from now on. 

Looking ahead to the coming years and decades, Montreal will start to experience far more mild winters, says Environment Canada. Summers with more heatwaves are also expected. 

Winters will start later, finish earlier, and have less snowfall. All that precipitation isn’t disappearing, mind you, as Montreal winters will likely become more “wet,” with rain pouring down rather than buckets of snow. 

And when it does rain, expect it to be more intense. A researchers at McGill University's Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences department told CJAD that Montreal will experience “more intense rainfalls.”

Ultimately, Montreal winters will have more rain, less snow, and more “cycles of freezing and unfreezing” said a spokesperson for the City of Montreal. 

All of this rain already has officials worried, since flooding will probably become a more serious issue. Montreal s already responding, building “eco-retention basins” to soak up rain, with more to be built by 2020. 

So trade in your snow shovel for good rain boots, because winter in Montreal is going to get wet and wild. In a few/ten-or-twenty years, at least. 

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