Montreal To Host A Giant "Book Fair Festival" Downtown

Get your summer reading started.

Summer is the season of reading. While you chill in the park,the sun's warm rays shining down upon you, the green grass touching your toes, and the cool breeze gently caressing your skin, all you need is a great book to complete the perfect summer-scene.

And you can find your next great read this weekend at the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec's annual book sale, Le Marché aux Livres 2016.

You'll no doubt find a title you like at the BAnQ's book fair, with more than 30,000 books set to be sold. Everything from novels to cookbooks to comics to travel guides (and even CDs) will be available, in both French and English, thus providing you with tons of variety.

All the books and media documents on sale will have been taken directly from the BAnQ's collections, but don't worry, it isn't because they're defective or anything. An abundance of copies and the release of new editions are cited as the main reasons why the BAnQ is selling off their selected wares.

Le Marché aux Livres 2016 will be hosted at la Grande Bibliothèque, beginning next Wednesday, May 25th and running until Saturday, May 28th. For more details, head to the official Facebook event.

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