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Montreal To Host "Condom Party" This Thursday

10, 000 condoms is a whole lot of latex.
Montreal To Host "Condom Party" This Thursday

Photo cred - Al Greer

Condoms are incredibly important, for obvious reasons like bypassing any baby-mama drama, and for preventing the transmission of any pesky STIs. Not like you needed to really know all that (but a reminder is always a good thing) but condoms cost cash (limiting access to some) and some people don't put a latex sock on it despite the benefits. So, to make sure everyone in Montreal can have safe fun for Pride this weekend, ACCM is throwing a Condom Party.

The event is being thrown by the AIDS Community Care of Montreal in preparation of Community Day at Pride this Saturday, and 10, 000 condoms need to be packed for the event. Yeah, that's a lot of condoms, so the ACCM is asking for your help, hence the Condom Party.

Hosted at the ACCM HQ (map), the members, volunteers, and staff do need some serious help, so swing by and lend them a hand. Movies will be played, and drinks and food will be served, plus you'll probably walk out of there with some gratis condoms, and you can always use more condoms. Always.

Beginning at 11am and running 'til 6pm tomorrow (Thursday, August 14th) but feel free to drop in whenever you're able and get in on the Condom Party. Check out the FB event for the full details.

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