Montreal To Host Free "Plastic Surgery" 5 à 7 Party At Les Cours Mont-Royal Next Week

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Montreal To Host Free "Plastic Surgery" 5 à 7 Party At Les Cours Mont-Royal Next Week

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Cosmetic surgery is often given a bad rap, touted as a vain pursuit, and unnecessary, but how much do you really know about the medical processes involved in any aesthetic procedure? Aside from Nip/Tuck reruns, probably not much. Montrealers will have a chance to learn exactly what is involved in all sorts of cosmetic procedures, and actually see them performed at Les Cours Medical Centre's "About Face" 5 à 7, which hopes to teach folks about all forms of plastic surgery.

A combo seminar and 5 à 7, Les Cours Medical Centre's event will be focused on the procedures involved in facial rejuvenation. Two of Les Cours Medical Centre doctors (one being Dr. Fouda Neel) will be on-site, telling you about invasive and injectable rejuvenation options, such as Botox, Dysport and other injectables.

To squash rumours and dispel any myths, a live fillers and Dysport, which is a Botox competitor, injection will actually occur at the 5-à-7. Two patients (reviewed and checked out well before) will turn back time before your very eyes with Dysport injections, so you can see the immediate changes and see how the procedure is actually performed.

Us young folks may not need any cosmetic procedures right now, but you can learn how to make sure your face never needs 'em at the 5 à 7. A part of the talk will be focused on how young people can care for themselves so they never need any form of aesthetic surgery. Useful info for any and all concerned about getting old, and lets be real, who isn't?

Consultations normally cost roughly $150 and this event will give you the chance to get it for free.

There will be 6 sets of prizes will also be raffled off, ranging in worth from $300-$500 dollars, all basically being gift certificates to cosmetic procedures. Food and drinks will also be given out, for free, rounding out the 5 à 7 aspect of the event.

Les Cours Medical Centre's "About Face" 5 à 7 will be happening on October 9 at 1455 Rue Peel (metro level). Learn more about the team, procedures, and event at their official website here. Seating is also limited, so be sure to call (514) 905- 1234 to reserve your seats!

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