Montreal Is Hosting A Free Vegan BBQ On Saint-Catherine Street Today

Finally, a Montreal food event all the vegans & vegetarians in the city can enjoy, along with all the carnivores. To help promote alternatives to meat products, and do a 'lil fundraising, SPA Canada is throwing World Tofu Day free vegan barbecue, a huge gathering where free veggie burgers and dogs will be given so you can eat your veggie-heat out.

BBQ's are traditionally all about meat, so that's they the SPA is turning the barbecue-preconception on its head, by offering only plant-based foods and munchies. Most may be a 'lil skeptical about a vegan BBQ, but the whole event is free, so why not try out veggie-dog or burger and see if you like it or not? You'll be saving some animals and expanding your food-horizons all at once, without spending a dime.

Here's the vital info for the SPA's free vegan barbecue:

  • Date: Saturday July 26, 2014
  • Time: 11am-3pm
  • Address: St James United Church (map)

To go along with the free food and drinks at the SPA's vegan BBQ, there will also be a slew of speakers, from nutritionists and famous animal rights activists to give you some more knowledge about the health benefits and ethical reasons behind switching off of meat. More events and activities will be confirmed closer to the date, so be sure to check in on the FB event page for all important details.

Will you be eating free vegan barbecue?

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