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Montreal To Host A Guinness World Record Pokémon GO Gathering At Mont-Royal Lookout

Another reason why this city is the best on earth.
Montreal To Host A Guinness World Record Pokémon GO Gathering At Mont-Royal Lookout

Here's a little tidbit of information you might find interesting.

Montreal is really good at breaking world records.

Here are just a few records we hold:

  • The Tallest man-made leaning tower
  • The Largest Parade of Electric Cars
  • The World’s Largest Jazz Festival
  • The First Perfect 10 Awarded At An Olympic Games Gymnastic Event
  • The Longest Line Of Food Cans
  • The Longest Slackline walk

The Habs also have a bunch of records:

  • Most Goals Scored By A National Hockey League In A Single Match
  • Fewest Losses In A Single NHL Season
  • First Team In The NHL To Score 18,000 Goals
  • First NHL Team To Win 3,000 Regular Season Games

And of course, Quebec also created the world's biggest poutine.

But now Montrealers have a new world record in mind.


On July 23, Montrealers will be gathering at the Mount-Royal lookout to set the world record for the biggest gathering of Pokemon GO players in the world.

There is no current record for this, so we'd better make sure to set the bar high because once this record is out, many cities will be racing to beat us.

I'm sure Montrealers will come out in droves though since we already have huge unplanned gatherings that are happening on their own.

Photo cred - emphase

We contactedthe organizers of the group who told us they have already applied to Guinness and should be receiving the guidelines within the next week. Once the guidelines are out we will be be publishing them here.

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