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Montreal to Host Huge "Oyster" Festival This Fall

A shucking good time!
Montreal to Host Huge "Oyster" Festival This Fall

It finally feels like fall here in Montreal. After the heat wave that felt like it went on for weeks we're finally being blessed with that crisp fall air that we've been waiting for. 

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With the first the first day of October approaching quickly the city is gearing up for all it's amazing Oktoberfest celebrations and this is one that you definitely don't want to miss. 

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Oystoberfest is an annual event held by Poissonnerie La Mer a fresh seafood market located at 1840 Boulevard René-Lévesque E near Montreal's Gay Village area! 

This super fun event is taking place on Saturday, October 21st from 12-9pm and this year is going to be bigger and better than ever! 


You can enjoy the largest variety of oysters in all of Montreal, participate in competitions to win prizes, meet with local oyster farmers, enjoy a live DJ, animations, games and other awesome stuff!

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Tickets to this event are as low as $10 including a plate of 12 oysters! They also offer a VIP ticket for $79 which includes access to the VIP section with unlimited oysters! 

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Check out theirwebsite for more information. 

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