Montreal To Host Massive "Polish Food Festival" November 3rd

There are so many festivals surrounding food in Montreal and they come in so many different shapes and sizes.

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Some are corporate sponsored and more commercially-driven and festivals like YUL FEST that run over the course of several days in large venues and space, and will often time have a higher price tag to eat and drink.

Next, on the spectrum, you can find local-level festivals, that are run and organized by Montreal-based organizations such as the successful Asian Night Market festival. These gatherings usually start smaller venues, and gain traction over the years, blossoming into larger-scale festivals over the years.

Last-but-not-least, the best types of food festivals are the intimate ones. They might be smaller in size, but they have a whole lot of heart.

These are usually held in parks, churches, or community centers. These community-based events are in my opinion the most rewarding and fun experiences.  People attend to support one another, and not for the Instagram likes.

That said, on Saturday and Sunday November 3rd and 4th,  The Committee for Relief to Polish Children invites you to their traditional bi-annual Bazaar, where they will be serving homemade polish dishes like Perogies, sausage, and more!

This church bazaar has a charitable mission to help institutions provide care for handicapped children by contributing to the purchase of wheelchairs, orthopedic shoes, hearing aids and other therapeutic equipment.

The church is located close to Snowdon Metro and the festivities being at 10AM and run until about 4PM. 

One very important note, the previous installments of the event was so successful they ran out of food just a few hours in, so we advise you to be an early bird and get there early in the day! 

Here's a photo of the actual food from a past instalment of the festival. Looks delish!

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Everything you need to know:

What: Fall Polish Bazar
When: Saturday November 3rd, Sunday the 4th
WhereParoisse Saint-Antonin // 5391 rue Snowdon (Metro Snowdon)

For the official Facebook event page, click HERE!