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Montreal To Host Quebec’s Largest Tartare Festival

A celebration of the world's greatest treat.
Montreal To Host Quebec’s Largest Tartare Festival

I know the laundry list of food that I adore is pretty long. Basically, anything with seafood, and anything a little raw, I'm an absolute fiend for. So, as you can imagine, tartare is pretty much one of my many food baes.

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Which is why I was way beyond excited to learn about Montreal's very own Tartarefest.

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From the 15-25 of September, tons of Montreal restaurants are going to be banding together to offer you guys their tastiest tartare dishes, all starting at about $10. No worries if you need something to wash down those vibrant tartare flavours: you'll also get a cocktail, beer, or wine to match your tartare dish.

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Which restaurants will be participating, I hear you ask? Well, friends, feast your eyes - and tastebuds - on this list:

Ichigo Ichie

360 Rue Rachel E

Les Cons Servent

5064 Avenue Papineau

La Maison Du Magret

102 Rue Saint-Antoine O

Bistro La Societe

1415 Rue de la Montagne

Bistro La Closerie

1051 Avenue Bernard

Chez Ma Grosse Truie Chérie

1801 Rue Ontario E

Caribou Gourmand

5308 Boul St-Laurent

La Brasserie Saint-Denis

4350 Rue Saint-Denis

155 Fahrenheit

42 Rue McGill

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Sound like the tastiest food fest ever? You know it. Check out their Website for more information.

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