Montreal To Host Quebec’s Largest Tartare Festival This Month

A culinary experience for your senses.
Montreal To Host Quebec’s Largest Tartare Festival This Month

Guys, I don't know about you, but tartare is probably one of my all-time favourite dishes.

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It's actually not even a dish, TBH: it's more like an experience. When you're noshing on tartare, basically all your senses are engaged. It's great.

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And what better way to celebrate this awesome dish than by, in true Montreal fashion, hosting a legit tartare festival?

Tartarefest is a food festival going down in Montreal this May 19 - 28. 

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Throughout the week, you'll be able to check out a bunch of Montreal restaurants as they serve a special tartare dish, as well as a cocktail, glass of wine, or beer, all for only $10!

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The participating restaurants are:

Le Gras Dur

MIA Tapas 

Les Cons Servent

Caribou Gourmand

Brasserie Saint-Denis

Ichigo Ichie


Chez Ma Grosse Truie Cherie

Brasseurs De Montreal

La Champagnerie

La Maison Du Magret


L'Assomoir Notre-Dame


Alice Bar

Sir Winston Churchill Pub 

Vladimir Poutine

La Coupole

Le Balthazar DIX 30 + Centropolis

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For more information on Tartarefest, check out the official website right here!