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Montreal To Host Terrifying "Haunted Amusement Park" This Halloween

There's something about Halloween that adds a creepy, mysterious vibe to the city and makes us all look behind us while we walk down the street at night. 

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What is it about Halloween that we all love so much? Is it dressing up, eating leftover candy the next day, the smell of pumpkins in the air, or all the Halloween specials airing on TV? 

It's honestly all of these things put together! But there's one thing that's so much better than the rest on Halloween, a haunted house. 

This year's Fright Fest at La Ronde is starting on September 30th until October 29th on the weekends only and you won't believe what they have in store for us this year. 

This year they're offing a super special price where you can purchase a season pass for 2018 for just $56.99 and get access to the entire Fright Fest event! That's a crazy good deal!

There will be 5 scare zones, 3 different shows where the terrifying monsters that have over-run the park chase after you and 3 terrifying rides open. 

You can explore a haunted asylum filled with creepy clowns, a cursed farm with possessed scarecrows, the mysterious District 510 where few people make it out alive, the horrifying universe of nightmares and the massacre museum.

via @tobrook

Ticket prices for daily admission cost $58.99, so it's super worth it to purchase that season pass! 

If you can't wait to get a scare out of life this Halloween, visit the Fright Fest website to purchase your tickets now! 

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