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Montreal To Host The 2014 World Unicycling Championships At The End Of July

Unicon 17 is wheeling in skill and thrill.
Montreal To Host The 2014 World Unicycling Championships At The End Of July

Who knew unicycling culture was widespread enough to warrant a worlwide competition? We didn't, but its the truth, and Montreal will be the epicenter of all things unicycle-y when the city hosts Unicon 17, the world championships of unicycling.

A moving competition held every two years, Unicon is a combo convention and competition. Unicycling enthusiasts converge in one city (Montreal this year) and hold workshops, parties, and tons of competitive events.

Again, we had no clue unicycling could be so intense. To give you an idea, here are only a few of the competitions to be held during Unicon 17:

  • 100m to 800m races, and a 40k marathon
  • Basketball + hockey
  • Long jump + high jump
  • Group, individual, pair, and street freestyle
  • Many, many more

A standard listing of sporting events, but it'll all be done on one wheel! Intense, to say the least. Many more competitions will go on, and you can check them all out (and even register!) here.

Unicon 17 will begin in Montreal starting July 29th 'til August 10th. Experience unicycling culture, and maybe gain some new found respect for the one wheeler, during this 11 day sporting festival.

To learn more, head to Unicon 17's official website and FB page.

For more on all things Montreal, follow Michael on Twitter @MDAlimonte

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