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Montreal To Open All-New Vegan Smoothie Bar On Mont-Royal Avenue

You will get healthy in a tasty hurry.
Montreal To Open All-New Vegan Smoothie Bar On Mont-Royal Avenue

Photo cred - elephantsarevegan

Vegan cuisine is more than just good for you, it can also be quite delicious. Montrealers know that's a fact, with the many vegan offerings to be found in Montreal restos, and now, a new juice bar can be added to the growing list of vegan-centric food joints in Montreal. Opening on Mont-Royal avenue will be Naturajuicery, a combo juice bar and vegan eatery that will do things a bit differently.

First to get the details on Naturajuicery, who were able to find out that Natura will have around 20 different juice/smoothie recipes on the menu. Apparently the info was on Natura's website (which is now pretty sparse in terms of info) though we're going to guess Nightlife is right, as any legit juice bar should be boasting a double-digit number of beverages.

What sets Naturajuicery apart from similiar juice bars in the area (like Nutri-Mania) is their use of a "coldpress juicer." Natura explains on their Facebook page that in standard centrifugals/blenders, the heat produced kills the enzymes within plants, thus destroying the health value of a a beverage.

Coldpress, on the other hand, uses minimal amounts of pressure to hydraulically extract the juice from fruits and veggies, which keeps all the inherent nutrients intact. A fresher taste is also the result, and as marginal amounts of heat and air are used in the juicing process, the smoothies/juices made can be enjoyed for up to three days after being made.

Given the variety of delectably vegan pics posted on the Natura FB page, it's safe to assume that more than juices will be on the menu, so expect salads, sandwiches, dressings, and potentially even plants to be on sale at the juice bar.

No opening date is set for Naturajuicery, but you can head over to their Facebook page for any updates and teases at their menu. There are already more than a few to make your vegan palate salivate.

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