Montreal To Possibly Get A Giant "MTL" Sign On Top Of Mont-Royal

Photo cred - XMTL

Of all the planned projects we've heard about for Montreal's 375th anniversary, and there have been quite a few, we've found our favourite. Rather than restructure a street or renovate an urban space, one group has proposed to create something new and a original, a symbol for the city all can recognize: an 'MTL' icon atop Mount Royal, reports

A project dubbed XMTL, the originators of the idea hope to use the existing cross above Mount Royal as a 't' to then create a full 'MTL' sign atop the mountain. Described "an acknowledgement of our times" by XMTL, the goal is to have the 'MTL' sign become a symbol for a new generation of Montrealers, a way to pay respect to the city's past but also looks towards a shining future.

On a commercial level, the group notes that the MTL-sign would instantly be brand-able, much like the infamous Hollywood sign. Not only will the MTL sign be the city's new emblem, but it can also be placed on all forms of merchandise for tourists and citizens alike to purchase, making the project have both cultural and monetary value.

XMTL is one idea coming straight from the minds of Montrealers for projects to be installed for Montreal's 375th anniversary. An open call for submissions was made by Denis Coderre and Gilbert Rozon last week, so if you have a similarly awesome idea, you can submit it to the city here.

Find out more about the project by heading to XMTL's official website and Facebook page here.

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