Montreal Uber Taxis To Let You Control The Music During Your Ride Using Spotify

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Anytime you get into a cab, you're basically forced to listen to whatever tunes the driver is grooving to. Sometimes you may meet a kindred spirit in a cabbie who shares your musical tastes, or, more often than not, you're at the behest of the driver's "interesting" song choices. A patience-testing cab drive of annoying top 40 will no longer be a thing for Uber users, as the ride-hailing app will be joining forces with Spotify and let you choose the music when in an Uber cab.

Announced yesterday on Uber's online blog, the Uber-Spotify combo will let passengers control all of the song choices during your ride. The new service will be launched this Friday, November 21st in 10 cities, Montreal not included. Not to worry though, as Uber assures us they'll be bringing the Spotify-action to Uber in other cities "in the coming weeks."

Once the Uber-Spotifiy combo comes to Montreal, only Spotify premium users will be able to control the music in their Uber rides. If you're one of those folks who does, you'll have to connect your Uber account to your Spotify profile, which will give you a "music bar" on the bottom of your Uber app screen.

If your Uber ride is music-enabled, you'll able to choose a song to start playing as soon as you enter the car, and can continute to choose the tunes from the backseat for the entire ride. Choose a playlist and sit pretty, or be a roadway DJ and pick every song individually, the choice will be yours.

We'll be sure to let you know when the Uber + Spotify combo is live in Montreal, though you'll probably be able to tell when you see/hear me blasting Jenny from the Block from my cab, a song request denied by every cab driver I've ever taken. My (and JLo's) day is nearly here.

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