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Montreal Unveils "Rainbow Crosswalks" Downtown

The city is ready for Canada Pride!
Montreal Unveils "Rainbow Crosswalks" Downtown

Awhile back we suggested that Montreal should let street artists paint our bike paths, and although our suggestion fell on def ears, Montreal did start allowing artists to jazz up the crosswalks in certain areas of the city.

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Montreal Pride organizers are busy preparing for the first Edition of Canada Pride. Unlike Montréal annual Pride’s festival, which only lasts seven days, the Canada Pride Montréal 2017 takes place over ten days, including two full weekends of activities. 

And now to gear up for Canada Pride, a crosswalk in the village has been replaced with a giant rainbow! 

Plus it leads up to the bank which is technically a pot of gold!

The rainbow is located on the corner of St. Catherine and St. Hubert Street. 

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