Shred A Picture Of Your Ex For Free Wings At This Montreal Bar On Valentine’s Day

Delicious food in exchange for delicious revenge. #muhahaha

Well, friends, Valentine's Day is coming up. For some of us, this is going to be an amazing day full of chocolate, romance, and magic.

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For the rest of us, there's chicken wings, which is actually pretty much the same thing.

And one Montreal pub is vowing to make our Valentine's Day extra special (and extra chicken wing-y) with one seriously awesome deal.

NextDoor Pub & Grill (5175A Rue Sherbrooke Ohas an awesome special going down this February 14, 2017.

via @183cmmmmmm

If you buy 10 chicken wings, and bring a picture of your ex to shred, then you get 10 wings completely free.

Shred a picture of your ex for free chicken wings? I mean, that pretty much screams "win-win situation" to me, TBH.

For more information on this deal of a lifetime, check out NextDoor Pub & Grill on Facebook.

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