Montreal Vs. Toronto: Which City Is Better For Single People?

You already know the answer.
Montreal Vs. Toronto: Which City Is Better For Single People?

You know we love to encourage the friendly rivalry between Montreal and Toronto, especially when it comes to the dating.

YouTube user Dating Without Borders recently took to the streets of both cities in order to ask locals about being single and dating.

The results are pretty straightforward.

Montreal men and women are approachable and maybe just a little bit easier to get with than our neighbors in Toronto. In fact, the Montreal women in this video state that they have no problem walking up to a guy in a bar and hitting on him, whereas the Toronto women agree that they would probably not do that.

Toronto men and women are hesitant and shy when it comes to making the first move. Torontonians, in general, seem to be a little bit more reserved, which makes for an interesting dating scene. On the bright side, Torontonians also seem to be pretty good looking people (if this video is anything to go by), so that's a nice bonus!

Of course, there are always exceptions but, if we're being honest, there was absolutely nothing surprising about the results of these interviews.

Damn Montreal, keep it in yo'pants!

Just kidding, we love our 'easy to get with' city!

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