Montreal Wakes Up To An Unexpected April Snowfall This Morning (25 Photos)

Hey, mother nature, we thought we were over this snow business. I guess not. Urg! Well, looks like Montrealers will have to deal with the fluffy white wet stuff for yet ANOTHER day in April. After all this is Canada, eh! Try and "enjoy" the photos captured of this morning's unexpected snowfall.

April showers in Montreal. #mtl

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朝起きたら、また雪、雪、雪… この後引越し荷物の搬入だと言うのに、業者さん大変だなぁ。。 #montreal #雪 #引越し #まだ時差ボケ

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Le printemps à #montreal

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Inside view of Montreal : Look like a landing runway / vue de Mtl : on dirait une piste d'atterrissage #liveinmontreal #montreal

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#montreal #spring #questionmark #canada #sigh

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Good morning from a beautiful Spring like day in Montreal. This is what I woke up to. It's official - Mother Nature is going through menopause and her erratic mood swings are driving me insane. She needs a giant hormone replacement patch at this point. I'm going through menopause myself and I'm not acting half as bitchy as her...... #sick to death #fedup #winterbegone #Montreal #mothernaturesucks

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Off to a snowing start this morning. This will make for some great photos! #montreal #hotelnelligan #street #snow

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Seriously???????? Geez snow once again Please Spring time to pay us a visit!! ???? Springtime in Montreal UGH #moresnow #snow #springcomesoon #chillyday #montreal

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??☃❄️ Bonjour Montreal #Bonjour #Montreal #Canada #layover #flightattendant #hotel #snow

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11 aprilie, buna dimineata! #morning #johngood #montreal #canada

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Snow showers? Welcome to Montreal #Montreal #MyCity

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Let it snow, let it snow... #11avril #mtl #snow

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McGill in the morning, McGill in the night, McGill till daybreak, McGill for the fight

A photo posted by McKenzie Kibler (@mckenzie.kibler) on

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