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Montreal Walmart Spotted Selling Fish In Cups

Totally unnecessary.

Walmart is known for selling pretty much anything you can think of. I mean you can go there to get nail polish, or a new tire for your car. But as it turns out, this Montreal Walmart is trying to expand their market even further and is now selling Betta fish in cups. Pet stores are already bad enough, we really don't need Walmart trying to get into that game too.

The person who spotted these fish said that they asked an employee about them, who told her they had been delivered by mail, placed on a shelf, and she was instructed not to feed them. And despite the fact that most people will say "Well Bettas can survive for a long time in those cups," sure, they can survive, but the actual minimum recommendation for a tank size for a Betta is one gallon, and they should be fed every day.

And yes, I know that Walmart also sells things like Lobsters that live in kind of crappy tanks, but those lobsters are literally there for the purpose of being eaten. These fish are supposed to be pets. Maybe Walmart should stick to selling its usual items because the word that comes to mind when I see this is "unnecessary."


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