Montreal Wants To Make The Iconic Jean Talon Market Even More Pedestrian-Friendly

Some people are very unhappy about this.
Montreal Wants To Make The Iconic Jean Talon Market Even More Pedestrian-Friendly

The Jean Talon Market is most definitely considered one of our most beautiful and largest farmer's markets in the city and is a huge attraction in Montreal for tourists and locals alike. 

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That said, the borough of Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie announced Friday the details of some major changes - mainly the removal of dozens of parking spaces - that will be made during the summer to The Jean Talon Market in an effort to "pedestrianize" it and it's surrounding streets.

Sounds nice? Well, many vendors and business owners are outraged at the city.  Because they believe that this will not only discourage people from visiting the market - parking is already difficult as it is - but also make delivery by truck even more difficult for their shops.

It also doesn't sound so nice if you normally visit the market by car. With these new changes in place, parking may be even more difficult than ever before. 

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The shop owners are so adamant about their cause they went so far as to launch a petition called "Save The Market"  to demand the return of the parking spaces and to promote the abandonment of the project of the public square.

Although most people would intuitively assume that a pedestrian-friendly market would benefit the businesses occupying it, however, this doesn't seem to be the case.  

According to a source, the mayor of the borough also agrees with the merchants, by emphasizing that there should be a balance between the two types of market-goers - customers who travel on foot and those who come by car. 

In the end, further studies have to be conducted on changing consumer habits in order to optimally design a market that appeals to and accommodates both types of shoppers. 


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