Montreal Weather Is Going To Be As Hot As Summer This Week

We have an autumnal miracle on our hands people. Typically, Halloween heralds the coming of the cold, and the weather only gets worse afterwards. This year, the opposite is happening (if you haven't already noticed) and the entire week following Halloween is going to be summer-level warm. Praise Jesus.

Well, technically early summer weather when it gets pretty hot during the days but cool in the eve. But, hey, it's still summer-esque in November, so we'll take it.

The city's is going to be getting warmer as each day passes, with the spring-weather hitting a legit 19°C high on Friday. And of course, shorts will be worn by many Montrealers, and it won't even be in the whole "oh, please it's not that cold I"m tough" kind of way. It will actually be warm enough to wear shorts!

The rest of the week looks similarly spring/summer-ish, so get excited.

Photo cred - The Weather Network