Montreal Weather Is Going To Get More F*cked Up Than Ever Before

When NDG suffered through an intense, property-destroying microburst storm last week, while boroughs as close as Saint-Henri were left unscathed, Montrealers were more than a little shocked and alarmed. 

Unfortunately, such intense, varying weather between Montreal neighbourhoods may become the norm, as a new study from Concordia researchers has found. 

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Put more simply, Montreal weather is going to get even crazier and f*cked up than ever before, all thanks to climate change. 

The Concordia study comes compared weather-related data sets from local weather stations with NASA’s climate data set. 

Weather predictions from 2006 all the way to 2009 were analyzed, comparing them to past meteorological trends. And when all of the data-dust and numbers cleared, the study’s findings weren’t exactly uplifting. 

“The Montreal region’s climate will continue to change at a faster, more intense rate,” says the study’s authors, adding that the difference in weather between Montreal neighbourhoods will only become more stark as time goes on. 

Random weather is definitely a fact of life in Montreal, but it’s a little scary to think how things will only get worse.

Not only that, we can pretty much expect Montreal weather to vary by borough. So you won’t just have to know when it’s going to rain/hail/snow, but also where in the city. 

Ali Nazemi, assistant professor at Concordia and co-author of the study, also points out what an issue intensely varying weather will pose for urban infrastructure. 

A “one-size-fits-all” approach will no longer work in Montreal, says Nazemi.

“A sewage system designed to prevent flooding in downtown Montreal may fail to prevent flooding in Dorval”

Even better news, because we all know Montreal is well-known for its amazing infrastructure and urban planning. Note the sarcasm, please. 

So get ready for a whirlwind of weather (literally) in the coming years Montreal, because the skies are only going to get crazier. And just in time for winter!