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It's Going To Be 16°C And Sunny This Weekend In Montreal

The city is going to have a great weekend!
It's Going To Be 16°C And Sunny This Weekend In Montreal

While it might be hard to imagine right now, with all the snow and wind and misery, it is in fact forecasted to be stellar weather in Montreal this weekend.

So even if you had to shovel your driveway or sweep snow off your car this morning, it is not expected to last. 

While I'd hate to unnecessarily get your hopes up, even the monthly forecast is looking very promising, so I think it's safe to assume we've finally made it out of the winter woods.

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TL;DR After a strange and cruel snowstorm this week, we will finally see some real spring weather in Montreal this weekend. The forecast is saying we've got 16°C temperatures and sun to look forward to in the city!

Mother Nature was really testing us this week in Montreal... with two separate snowfalls and a fair amount of ice and rain mixed in. So gross.

Not that we aren't used to it here in La Belle Province... we're actually really well conditioned to take this weather. But March is where I draw the line.

Once I see April on the calendar, I want to be done with snow. Give me all the April showers, I appreciate their necessity for all the May flowers, but snow!? Hell to the no.

[rebelmouse-image 26893613 photo_credit="The Weather Network" expand=1 original_size="545x213"] The Weather Network

So we might be in for a bit of a melt in the next couple days, considering the fair amount of snow that accumulated yesterday. And you won't be tanning tomorrow, as it will still only be 5°C. Friday, however, will get up to 9°C.

And Saturday, glorious Saturday we are going to be blessed with temperatures as high as 16°C - and sun!

Yep, this whole weekend is shaping up to be pretty sunny and beautiful. It will only be 10°C on Sunday, but again we can expect "mainly sunny" skies, according to The Weather Network

The beginning of next week will likely be an unwelcomed dose of Spring reality, as Monday and Tuesday are forecasted to be 7°C and rainy.

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