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Montreal West Island Resident Beats Up Cat Then Sent It Back To It's Owner With Death Threat

Crazy on a whole other level.
Montreal West Island Resident Beats Up Cat Then Sent It Back To It's Owner With Death Threat

Normally a "crazy cat lady" is an old woman (or man, even) that lives alone, save for the company of dozens of felines, some of which may be random strays. On the flip-side, you can be someone who has a hatred for cats so intense it leans into the realm of cray, much like this Roxboro resident.

The story starts with Bear, a cute and cuddly neighborhood cat who was roughed up a bunch and sent scampering back to his home with a note. Tightly wound around Bear's neck, the note said that if Bear were to trespass on an unknown neighbor's property again, the cat wouldn't make it out alive.

Yes, a West Island resident beat up a cat and sent it back home with a death threat wrapped around its neck. Sound a bit crazy? We think so.

CJAD nabbed a photo of the aforementioned letter below, which says how the author "likes animals" and will treat the animal "humanely" should it ever return...then going on to say how it won't be coming back home. Dark stuff.

Apparently this isn't the first time something like this has happened in the 'hood, as another Roxboro resident had the same course of events occur to her cat last summer. After three days missing, the cat returned with the same sort of letter.

No clues have been revealed as to who the cat-hater could be, although the police are now investigating. Man or woman, this person is crazy about cats, in the Hannibal Lecter kinda way.

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