Montreal Will Allegedly Connect The Old Port Waterfront To Downtown

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If you've been downtown lately then you probably noticed that things have changed.

The neighborhoods aren't as lively is they used to be and the entire downtown core could certainly use some rejuvenation.

The first step is convincing more people to move downtown. 50,000 more in the next 15 years to be exact.

And to do this, the city is is announcing some pretty big projects.

These plans include:

Heated sidewalks for the winter, free Wi-Fi all over the downtown core and giving Ste-Catherine Street a makeover.

But the most ambitious part of the plan has to be the city's plan of opening up the waterfront and connecting it to downtown.

We're not exactly sure what they mean by "connect". But if they truly want to be bold, then they would connect the Old Port all the way to Quartier des Spectacles.

Could you imagine having waterfront access right in the middle of downtown?

Last year the mayor announced how they would be opening up the Old Port. The most important part of the project is offering more waterfront access.

After all, Clock Tower beach can't exactly be called a "beach" if you can't access the water. That's why part of this plan includes a "floating bath".

It would essentially be a giant chlorinated swimming pool that would be floating in the old port, or perhaps a massive floating dock with a built-in pool like the one that already exists in Copenhagen.

Whatever happens, more waterfront access can only be a good thing considering how little we have at the moment.

It's almost hard to believe we live on an island.

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