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Montreal Will Be Completely Fvcked For The Next 5 Years

Now here comes the bad news.

If you've spend any time on the roads lately, then you know they're completely fucked.

There is more construction than ever in the city at the moment. And if you think it's bad now, it's going to be a lot worse in the next few months.

The amount of construction sites will nearly double in the fall.

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There will be so many simultaneous projects that the mayor is considering doing 24/7 work on the major sites just to get it done faster.

Not only that, Montreal will also be spending $63 million to add more buses on the roads and increases service in the metro to convince people to use public transport.

That was the good news.

Now here comes the bad news.

Yesterday, Mayor Coderre came out and said that construction will be remain this way for the next 5 years!

via @constructiondestruction

So that means  Montreal will be completely overwhelmed will constructionist during the city's 375th anniversary.

I guess it won't matter how cool the Jacques Cartier bridge looks with neon lights if the rest of city is covered with orange cones.

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We might as well use the $40 million we're spending on those light and use it to get construction done faster.

But we won't...

The thought that truly haunts though me is that number: 5 years. Think about it, that means intense construction will last until 2021!

20 mother fuckin' 21!

That was meant to be a world filled with futuristic flying cars not a world filled with orange cones.

If Back to the Future taught us anything, we're not supposed to need roads by then.

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