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Montreal Will Be Getting Free Wi-Fi All Over The City

Bye bye, data plan!
Montreal Will Be Getting Free Wi-Fi All Over The City

Last year in May, Mayor Coderre announced a new plan called Montréal, ville intelligente et numérique. The plan involves 70 different projects with the aim of turning Montreal into a smart city.

But the one project that peaked Montrealers' interest the most is the plan to provide free Wi-Fi across the entire island.

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So when is this actually going to be happening? Well, the project is split into 2 phases.

Wi-Fi Phase 1:

  • Public spaces
  • Quartiers des Spectacles
  • Administrative buildings
  • Urban zones
  • Cultural establishments
  • Libraries
  • Cultural spaces
  • Private indoor sports arenas

All of these will be connected by the end of 2017.

Wi-Fi Phase 2:

  • Montreal's boroughs
  • The downtown core
  • The old port
  • Commercial arteries
  • The underground city
  • Every university campus
  • Every lamp post

This phase is scheduled to be completed within the next 1 - 3 years.

The city will also be developing an app to unite all the unite city under one Wi-Fi signal and list out all the access points.

Click here for all the latest updates regarding Montreal's smart City project.

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