Montreal Will Be Getting Free Wi-Fi All Over The City

New project plans on turning Montreal into a Smart City.
Montreal Will Be Getting Free Wi-Fi All Over The City

Yesterday morning (May 6th), the Coderre Administration announced a plan they call Montréal, ville intelligente et numérique 2015-2017which would turn Montreal into a "smart city." The plan involves 70 different projects and would take up to 3 years to complete. These projects are aimed at improving the quality of life in Montreal by providing easier access to public services and facilitating democratic participation.

But they have a few cooler projects up their sleeves. They're planning on optimizing and digitizing public transport in Montreal so you would always know exactly where your bus/metro/taxi is in real-time. And best of all, they want to deploy a city wide public WI-FI network!

This isn't just for the benefit of the citizens. If Montreal becomes a smart city, we would be amongst a few in the world, which would essentially make up a niche market for business and technological development. And anything that makes Montreal more welcoming to businesses and investments is a good thing.

For more details on the projects, check out the City of Montreal's website. (French only)

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