Montreal Will Be Hit With A Brutal 20cm Snowstorm

Yes, it's totally acceptable to cry out loud.
Montreal Will Be Hit With A Brutal 20cm Snowstorm

Get those shovels ready, because the first big snowstorm of the year is upon us. 

According to Environment Canada, a storm system is developing over the Great Lakes and it's going to be bringing a lot of snow our way. 

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How much exactly? At this point it's hard to tell because there's already some snow on the ground, and another 5 cm on the way today. But on top of all that, tomorrow's snowstorm will dump another 20 cm over Montreal. 

They also say that this snowfall is expected to "cause significant issues", which just sounds ominous and evil if you ask me. 

Environment Canada also warns that a second Special Weather Statement is pending for Wednesday depending on the wind. It looks like there will be a 2nd storm headed our way. So brace yourselves, because we're in for a rough couple of days. 

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