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Montreal Will Be Hosting A "Vinyl Record Festival"

A music lover's paradise.
Montreal Will Be Hosting A "Vinyl Record Festival"

Alright, friends, straight up, vinyls are life. Nothing in this life replaces the feeling of listening to your favourite record on a vinyl -  it's just a super raw, awesome experience. 

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And if you're a lover of vinyls, then have I got some good news for you.

via @jfhayeur

Le Salon Du Disque De Montreal/The Montreal Record Convention is taking place this April 29 in the city.

It's basically a huge vinyl festival. There's going to be all kinds of vinyls there: 40 independent vinyl merchants will be selling their stuff!

via @jfhayeur

Also, there's going to be a live DJ. Could this be any more fun?

Le Salon Du Disque De Montreal is free to get into, and is going down at 5035 Rue Saint-Dominique

Although entrance is free starting at 10 AM, for $20, you can get in ahead of time and browse the collection before everyone if you want.

via @jfhayeur

For more information, check out their Facebook event right here.

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