Montreal Will Be Hosting A "Vinyl Record Festival" In The Plateau

Your chance to find that Thriller record you always wanted.
Montreal Will Be Hosting A "Vinyl Record Festival" In The Plateau

Photo cred - griangrafphotograph

It may be a dying medium, but there is nothing quite like the tangible sound of musical grooves pressed on to vinyl records. Nowadays, you're hard-pressed to even find a computer with a CD-ROM drive. Regardless of how you choose to consume your music in the 21st Century, all you audiophiles, old-school DJ's and collectors rejoice! Because there is an upcoming Record Convention happening in Montreal this spring.

Dreambeat Conventions, in collaboration with local record shopsAux 33 Tours and Beatnik, is presenting the Salon du Disques de Montréal which will showcase new and vintage vinyls, CD's, cassettes, posters, books and magazines of all kinds. One can only hope that John Cusack and Jack Black will make an appearance and whimsically argue over "Top 5 Side Ones - Track Ones" while they judge your poor taste in musical preferences, and hell, you may even dig up an original 78 and then have all the bragging rights. All of them.

Check out the Facebook Page for all the details.

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