Montreal Will Be Hosting Canada's Largest "Street Food Festival" This August

It's that time of year again in Montreal where the city is literally packed to the brim with super fun festivals. Walk down almost any street downtown and you're guaranteed to bump right into a crazy festival you've never heard of before.

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That's what makes this city so great! 

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This Friday, August 4th is the first Friday of the month and I'm sure you all know what that means! But if you don't this is going to be pretty exciting news. 

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Every first Friday of the month, Montreal hosts Les Premiers Vendredis or First Friday, to showcase our city's most amazing food trucks! 

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The event takes place at Montreal's Olympic Stadium at Esplanade Sun Life from 4pm-11pm! You'll be able to try tons of different poutines, fresh lobster rolls, unreal ice cream cones, unique tacos and soooo much more. 

I bet you'll have the hardest time choosing your favourite. 

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They also have live music that plays all night long! 

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Enjoy a night full of good vibes, good food and AMAZING memories! 

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