Montreal Will Be Hosting Quebec's Largest "Farmers Market" This September

A fresh food festival!
Montreal Will Be Hosting Quebec's Largest "Farmers Market" This September

Everyone knows about Atwater Market and Jean-Talon Market, but Montreal is changing up the game by hosting Quebec's largest farmers market this September! Not only will there be fresh products, but there will also be live animals for everyone to enjoy.

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From hens to cows and goats, you can expect nothing but a fabulous time at Montreal's MEGA farmers market this summer that is absolutely FREE! But that's not all, this farmers market is being hosted in Montreal as a part of the 15th edition of Open House on Quebec Farms, where over 100 farms across Quebec open their doors to the public for free!

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This huge farmers market will be held at the Olympic stadium in the Esplanade Financière Sun Life section on September 10th. It will run from 10 AM until 4 PM with numerous activities and opportunities to buy fresh foods.

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There is truly something for everyone at this farmers market whether it be seeing the animals, buying flowers, or eating some delicious natural food. Farmers markets are always a great way to spend the day, especially on a beautiful summer day!

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