Heat Warning: Montreal Will Be Hotter Than The Sahara Desert Today

It's going to be rough out there.
Heat Warning: Montreal Will Be Hotter Than The Sahara Desert Today

Prepare yourselves Montreal because today is going to be hot one! 

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And I'm not talking about one of those beautiful perfect summer days you pray will never end. This is kind of hot day that makes you miss winter a little bit.

Okay fine that might be crazy talk, but allow me to make use of my favourite new expression to tell you exactly what today is going to be like: It's going to feel like you're walking through soup.

So how hot is it?

Well right now it's not so bad, but later today Montreal’s temperatures will be hotter than the Sahara desert!

Environment Canada has issued an extreme heat warning today. Maximum temperatures are expected to approach 30°C with humidex values reaching near 40°C in the afternoon. Meanwhile those lucky desert dwellers will be enjoying a cool 31°C day. 

If that wasn't bad enough, there’s also a very high risk of thunderstorms today which means that this afternoon, Montreal’s buses will be hot as hell they will be filled with damp, miserable passengers fighting over whether the bus window should be open or closed.

There’s also a higher risk of seeing guys “man spreading” in the metro but on a humid day like today, you may have to cut them a little slack. 


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