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Montreal Will Be Spending $110 Million To Reduce Pollution

It's about time this city got an upgrade.
Montreal Will Be Spending $110 Million To Reduce Pollution

The City of Montreal tends to let elements of its infrastructure deteriorate slowly, until they have no choice left but to overhaul them from scratch. Which is why it's surprising to hear that they will be attacking a project in advance in order to avoid problems and benefit Montreal in the long run.

The city plans on spending $110 million to replace all of the light bulbs in the city. That means every single lamp post in the city (over 100,000) will be upgraded with LED bulbs.

Although the project will cost a lot of money, Montreal currently spends over $12 million every year on electricity just to keep the streets illuminated. These new LED bulbs however, would consume only half of the electricity the current bulbs use, which is great for the environment and for our pocketbooks. They require less maintenance and they need to be changed far less often. This means that the city will see a return on its investment in less than 8 years. Additionally they are brighter, yet they cause less light pollution somehow. So hopefully Montreal will no longer look like this at night:

This project is part of the Coderre administration's "Smart City" project.

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