Montreal Will Experience Sunny Double Digit Temperatures Next Week

A couple months back we wrote about all the crazy unpredictable weather that Montrealers can expect this coming fall.

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TL;DR According to the weekly forecast predictions by The Weather Network, Montreal will experience above average sunny temperatures into the double digits starting next week!

The article was based off the of the professional opinion from the great weather authorities and meteorologists at The Weather Network, who you should most definitely trust because looks like the predictions we're right on the money!

The Weather Network's fall forecast predicted a very cold and seasonal month of October, which we can all agree, was on the money.

However, the went onto say that the cold trend would not continue into November and that Montrealers would experience above average tempratures for the rest of fall.

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Looking at the weather forecast for the week ahead, it seems like this is the case!

Although this week has been cold, grey, and crummy, next week is expected to be unseasonably warm!

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Temperatures next Monday and Tuesday will peak at double digits.  Although 10 degrees isn't THAT warm, when it's been a steady cold and humid 2 degrees, a sunny and warm 10 degrees feels like a pure blessing.

I'm sure we'll be spotting lots people hanging outdoors scrambling to take in that last bit of vitamin D before the brutal and dark winter begins.

So - don't bring out that Canada Goose parka just yet. Looks like you'll be able to sport your leather jacket and hoodie combo for a few more days.