Montreal Will Have More Pedestrian "No Car" Streets In Summer 2018

For the fourth year running, Montreal is adding more pedestrian-centric streets to its growing roster for the summer season. 

Announced last Friday, Montreal will be reformatting segments of three different streets into fully pedestrian walkways (or mostly, as some of the streets will still be shared with traffic) once the weather gets warm. 

The three new pedestrian-friendly streets are:

  • Gilford Street, from St-Denis and Rivard (map)
  • Decelles Street, from Décarie and Sainte-Croix (map)
  • Place Masson, from 5th avenue to 6th avenue (map)

Of the three, only Gilford Street will be fully pedestrianized. The other two will be modified to increase the presence of pedestrians and minimize the presence of cars, reports CBC.  

The soon-to-be-added pedestrian roads are part of the city’s Pedestrian and Shared Streets Program, where boroughs receive funding to transform streets into summertime walkways for local events and celebrations. 

“The transformation of streets into pedestrian streets has beneficial effects. In addition to promoting walking, it stimulates neighbourhood life, creating lively spaces that reflect Montreal's vitality and creativity” said Éric Alan Caldwell, executive committee member in charge of transportation, in a press release statement. 

Including the the newly announced additions, Montreal will have a total of 56 pedestrian-friendly streets.