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Montreal Will Host A Huge Scottish Festival This Summer

Scottish food, music, and athletics!
Montreal Will Host A Huge Scottish Festival This Summer

Montreal is home to a wide variety of cultures and heritage. We have a little bit of everything you can think of under this beautiful rainbow that is the 514.

Where this is a different culture, there is a celebration of said culture to come with it, too! Festivals run high in the summer, and it seems everybody's culture gets their own in Montreal.

We have already told you of a ton of great summer cultural and food festivals from the Caribbean, to the streets of India. Montreal really defines what it means to live in a melting pot country like Canada.

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Via Montreal Highland Games

The Montreal Highland Games is no exception to this. This massive Scottish festival hits home for me - having Scottish lineage (Irish, too - but St. Patty's Day covered that).

The Scottish Highland Games in Montreal do Scotland proud. They've got a ton of wicked entertainment for everyone.

The games, themselves, hold all the traditional events like highland dancing, the 5km Caledonia Run, Tug of War and incredible displays of strength during the world famous Caber Toss.

Via Montreal Highland Games

The Montreal Scottish Highland Games are far more than a unique sports event in town... but on that level, the games are incredibly entertaining!

I mean, think about it. Watching strong men, in kilts, just throwing objects as far as they can? It's far more entertaining than it sounds, trust me!

You can also take in all the Scottish culture your little heart desires from the festival food and live, traditional Scottish music throughout the festival grounds, too!

There is also a Tartan Parade! Yes, a parade, full of kilts, and bagpipes, and festive fun! I love a good a parade.

The Highland Games will all go down on Sunday, but the celebration kicks off early with the parade on Thursday, August 2, along Wellington St. in Verdun.

Via Montreal Highland Games

Here's all the important information to remember:

What? The Montreal Highland Games and Festival

When? August 2 & August 5, 2018

Where? Douglas Hospital grounds, Verdun

How Much? $15 - early bird tickets for $12.50 until July 27th

The Tartan Parade will kick-off the festivities at 7 p.m. on Thursday, August 2nd.

The Games will begin on August 5th at 9 a.m.

You can find more information, and purchase tickets right here on their website.

Be sure to follow the official Facebook pageand stay updated right here.

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