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Montreal Will Be Hosting Canada's Largest Street Food Festival This September

Montreal is home to some amazing food trucks. We really do take our food truck foods seriously because they're not like other food trucks. Each truck makes something completely unique and delicious that's unlike anything you've ever eaten before!

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That's why Montreal has it's very own festival to celebrate these awesome food trucks every month. 

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It's called Les Premiers Vendredis and it's held on the first Friday of every month for the entire summer! The festival takes places at the Olympic Stadium and you're not going to want to miss September's. 

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It will be taking place on September 1st from 4pm to 11pm! It's actually the second last First Friday of the year so you absolutely can't pass it up. 

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Eat anything from poutines to lobster rolls to ice cream sandwiches and everything in between! You'll get a real taste of all the unreal cuisines that this city has to offer all in one place. 

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Check out theirFacebook event for more information. 

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