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Montreal WILL NOT Have Bars Open Until 6am

The pilot project gets shut down.
Montreal WILL NOT Have Bars Open Until 6am

Photo Cred - MANNY

We had one more day, and then it gets shut down. Bars being open until 6am won't be happening, as Montreal's pilot project has been rejected by Quebec's Liquor control board, the Régie des alcohols, des courses et des jeux.

The RACJ has been quoted by CTVsaying a 6am last call is "contrary to the public interest" and "likely to disturb public tranquility."

Mayor Denis Coderre thinks differently, believing the standard 3am last call inherently causes public disturbances and mass amounts of noise due to the sheer amount of drunk people being forced out into the streets at once. Campus at 3am being a prime example.

Did the RACJ really have to wait so long before they rejected the project, and tear a 6am last call away from the city only hours before it would be a reality? We could have at least had a test-run weekend and see who was right.

Was the pilot project a good or bad idea?

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