Montreal Will Now Be Hosting Yoga-Massage-Morning Dance Raves

Rave your way into the day.
Montreal Will Now Be Hosting Yoga-Massage-Morning Dance Raves

Photo cred - Morning Gloryville Montreal

Early mornings are far from fun, not that we really needed to tell you. Getting up and going to work/school can be such a struggle, especially when you know the morning, and the rest of the day, will be exactly the same as every other day. It's time to change up your morning routine and daily mindset with Morning Gloryville Montreal, an early morning dance rave to get you grooving all day.

Already a thing in London, Paris, NYC, and Tokyo, Morning Gloryville finally has a Montreal branch, and they'll be making sure your morning are way more energetic. A social movement described as "conscious clubbing," Morning Gloryville is all about using the power of dance to inspire  day-long fun vibes and a more playful approach to life for all city workers, a concept that Montrealers are sure to enjoy.

An official time and location has yet to be set for Morning Gloryville Montreal, though they've already outlined what to expect at the first event on their Facebook page. Here's what you will be able to enjoy at Morning Gloryville Montreal:

  • A free high-five (everyone should have at least one high-five a day, IMO)
  • A free morning massage
  • A free yoga session
  • An on-site smoothie bar
  • A coffee kiosk and hot chocolate booth
  • "More love than you'll find at your local unicorn ranch" (direct quote)
  • Awesome DJs and a super-pumped dance team
  • A huge floor to get your groove on

What may have seemed strange now seems awesome once you consider the fact that Morning Gloryville Montreal will be combining dance, coffee, breakfast, free yoga, free massages, AND high-fives all in one place. Pure magic.

Keep up to date on Morning Gloryville Montreal and when the first event will be held by heading to their Facebook page here. Learn more about the global movement and the concept by checking out the official website here.

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