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Montreal Will Shatter Cold Weather Records This Week

The coldest weather this city has ever seen!
Montreal Will Shatter Cold Weather Records This Week

In Canada surviving the cold is like a badge of honor.

But I for one would totally be willing to trade in that badge if it meant we could skip the next 7 days. 

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Most of the country is under an extreme cold warning right now and Montreal isn't being spared. 

In fact we will be ending the year with record shattering temperatures:


Forecast: -30°C

Previous Record: -28.3°C in 1951


Forecast: -29°C

Previous Record: 25.9°C in 1993


Forecast: -29°C

Previous Record: -26.6°C in 1989


Forecast: -30°C

Previous Record: -24.8°C in 1998


Forecast: -32°C

Previous Record: 28.9°C in 1947


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